The high quality of the directors, officers, and employees of G2 Automated Technologies, LLC is our greatest strength.  The resourcefulness, professionalism, and dedication of those directors, officers, and employees make the company competitive in the short term and well positioned for ongoing success in the long term.

The company's directors, officers, and employees are responsible for developing, approving, and implementing plans and actions designed to achieve corporate objective.  The methods we employ to attain results are as important as the results themselves.  The company's directors, officers, and employees are expected to observe the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of the companies business.

The Board of Directors of the corporation has adapted and oversees the administration of the companies Standards of Business conduct.  The policies in the Standards of Business are the foundation policies of the company.  Thus, the companies foundation policies collectively express the companies expectations and define the basis for the worldwide conduct of the businesses of the company.

The directors, officers, and employees of G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. are expected to review these foundation policies periodically and apply them to all of their work.  The company publishes from time to time guidelines with respect to selected policies.  Those guidelines are interpretive and administrative and are not part of the Standards of Business Conduct.  Any employee who has questions concerning any aspect of these policies should not hesitate to seek answers from management or the other sources indicated in the section below called " Procedures and Open Door Communication."

No one in the G2 Automated Technologies LLC. organization has the authority to make exceptions or grant waivers with respect to the foundation policies.  Regardless of how much difficulty we encounter or pressure we face in performing our jobs, no situation can justify the willful violation of these policies.  Our reputation as a corporate citizen depends on our understanding of and compliance with these policies.


The policy of G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. is to comply with all governmental laws, rules, and regulations applicable to its business.

The company's Ethics Policy does not stop there.  Even where the law is permissive, the company chooses the course of highest integrity.  Local customs, traditions, and mores differ from place to place, and this must be recognized.  But honest is not subject to criticism in any culture.  Shades of dishonesty simply invite demoralizing and reprehensible judgments.  A well founded reputation for scrupulous dealing is itself a priceless corporate asset.

The company cares how results are obtained, not just that they are obtained.  Directors, officers, and employees should deal fairly with each other and with the company's suppliers, customers, competitors, and other third parties.

The company expects compliance with its standard of integrity throughout the organization and ill not tolerate employees who achieve results at the cost of violation of law or who deal unscrupulously.  The company directors and officers support, and expect the company's employees to support, any employee who passes up an opportunity or advantage that would sacrifice ethical standards.

It is the company's policy that all transactions will be accurately reflected in its books and records.  This of course means that falsification of books and records and the creation or maintenance of any off the record bank accounts are strictly prohibited.  Employees are expected to record all transactions accurately in the companies books and records, and to be honest and forthcoming with the companies internal auditing department.

The company expects candor from employees at all levels and adherence to its policies and internal controls.  One harm which results when employees conceal information from higher management or the auditors is that other employees think they are being given a signal that the companies policies and internal controls can be ignored when they are inconvenient.  That can result in corruption and demoralization of an organization.  The Companies system of management will not work without honest bookkeeping, honest budget proposals, and honest economic evaluation of projects.

All employees are responsible for reporting for reporting material information known to them to higher management so that the information will be available to senior executives responsible for making disclosure decisions.


It is the policy of G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. that directors, officers, and employees are expected to avoid any actual or apparent conflict between their own personal interests of the company.  A conflict of interest can arise when a director, officer, or employee takes actions or has personal interests that my interfere with his or her objective and effective performance of work for the company. 


It is G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. policy to conduct its business in a manner that is compatible with the balanced environmental and economic needs of the communities in which it operates.  The company is committed to continuous efforts to improve environmental performance throughout its operations.

Accordingly, the company's policy is to:

  Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and apply responsible standards where laws and regulations do not exist;

  Encourage concern and respect for the environment, emphasize every employee's responsibility in environmental performance, and foster appropriate operating practices and training:

  Work with government and industry groups to foster timely development of effective environmental laws and regulations based on sound science and considering risk, costs, and benefits.

  Manage its business with the goal of preventing incidents resulting from its operations, in cooperation with industry organizations.

  Conduct and support research to improve understanding of the impact of its business on the environment, to improve methods of environmental protection, and to enhance its capability to make operations and products compatible with the environment;