Quartz Boat Handles

The G2 Automated Technologies, LLC Saf-LokTM Self-Locking Quartz Boat Handle is specially designed for the Secur-LokTM series of Quartz Contiguous Boats and Half-Contiguous Boats.  The handle incorporates a quick lift and quick release mechanical movement that provides for easy use with high security.

The handle features a specially contoured self-locking mechanism that holds the boat in place Securing the handle to the boat is as simple as sliding the handle under the edge of the boat and lifting gently.  The locking mechanism pivots automatically, securing the boat to the handle.  To release the boat, gently set the boat down and the locking mechanism will release and pivot out of the way.  Quartz

The handle‚Äôs pistol grip is ergonomically designed to ensure a firm grip while reducing the risk of carpal-tunnel syndrome.  The grip is available in four different colors (grey, red, white, and blue) to help operators to differentiate between process types or other system restrictions.  Grey is most typically used for LPCVD processes, while the other colors are generally used for Doped, Oxide, and Metal processes.

All components in direct contact with the process boats are made of your choice of either  VespelTM, MeldinTM 7001, or PEEK.  The handle frame is made of electro-polished 316 stainless steel which provides a strong rigid support for the boat.  The handle can easily support the weight of fifty 150mm silicon wafers with essentially no deflection.  The design provides a handle that is highly maneuverable in the clean room and light weight for easy storage.

We understand that in many cases upper management are visual people.  They need to see it work first.  If we have a video of a product you are interested in seeing, please contact us so we can upload a video link for your review.  We post these videos under a private link and only keep them posted for a limited time. 

If there is a system we do not have a video of, we will offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  Basically you place a purchase order for the product you feel you need and if it does not do what we say it will do then simply send it back with in the 30 day period for a full refund. 

Please email your request to : sales@g2automatedtechnologies.com

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