G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. Quality Manual   The quality manual establishes and states the policies governing G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. Quality Management System.  These policies define management’s arrangements for managing operations and activities in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. These top-level policies represent the plans or protocols for achieving quality assurance and customer satisfaction. 


G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. is a premier equipment, parts, and service company driving the manufacturing of State of the Art products for a wide range of industries: semiconductor and laboratory uses to name a few.

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. is one of Texas and the nation’s most respected names in quality crafted parts and equipment. Tracing it’s roots in Texas back more than 9 years, G2’s experienced and highly trained workforce offers Quality 1st with the shortest and most reliable solutions for your precision parts and equipment needs, no matter how complex the part or equipment item or application may be.


Our Mission is to excel in serving chosen markets by continuing to deliver products, equipment, and services of the highest quality in the shortest cycle, most cost effective, and thereby providing a competitive advantage to our customers across Texas, the U.S. and around the World.


Respond and listen to our customers then exceed their expectations.

Enhance our expertise by training and learning through teamwork.

Maintain our integrity and fairness with our customers, each other, suppliers, and the community in which we live and work.

Exhibit respect for customers, fellow employees, our environment, and a healthy balance between work and family.

We will be curious, imaginative and courageous in challenging our current thinking for the future.

Make continuous improvement a way of life.

Create innovative solutions using our technological strengths.

And always strive for excellence in all our efforts.

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. Quality Policy Manual defines the policies and procedures used at G2 to ensure that our products and services meet both the specified customer requirements and our business objectives in a consistent, economical and reliable manner.

This Manual is intended for use by all G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. employees as well as customers and other external bodies such as third party registrars.

The policies and procedures contained in the Manual are intended to establish and communicate the minimum requirements that all current and future divisions of G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. must meet. These requirements are based on the requirements of our customers as well as applicable International and National Standards. As such, these requirements will be updated as the needs of our customers and the respective standards are changed as well as for the continuous improvement of the G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. quality manual.

Maintenance of this manual and documents is the responsibility of the G2 Quality and Reliability Manager and any questions regarding this manual and/or Quality documents should be directed to that manager and/or his assignee.

List of Referenced Procedures
QP1000 - Document Control
QP1010 - Quality Records
QP1020 - Management Responsibility
QP1030 - Job Descriptions
QP1040 - Competence, Awareness, and Training
QP1050 - Quotation
QP1060 - Sales Orders
QP1070 - Customer complaints
QP1080 - Returned Goods Authorization
QP1090 - Warranty and Service Policy
QP1100 - Design and Development
QP1110 - Design Change
QP1120 - Pre-Production Quality Planning
QP1130 - Supplier Evaluation
QP1140 - Purchasing
QP1150 - Receiving and Inspection
QP1160 - Production Scheduling
QP1170 - Manufacturing
QP1180 - Part Number Assignment
QP1190 - Serial Number Designation
QP1200 - Product Labeling
QP1210 - Customer Property
QP1220 - Control of Monitoring & Measuring Devices
QP1230 - Customer Satisfaction
QP1240 - Internal Quality Audits
QP1250 - Monitoring & Measurement of Process
QP1260 - Control of Nonconforming Product
QP1270 - Data Analysis and Continual Improvement
QP1280 - Corrective Action
QP1290 - Preventive Action