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Dual Hoist Rotational Transfer Process Bench Description:
The Dual Hoist Rotational Transfer Process Bench is constructed of 1/2" FM 4910 approved, white CPVC, measuring 78W" x 48D" x 72H". It has a sloped, wet sump area, with drain and an interlocked pump enclosure that is sloped to the main sump area for complete draining. Left end, ergonomic, nitrogen purged, control enclosure with tool secured access panels and removable work deck sections are provided for ease of maintenance. Down draft exhaust, tank perimeter fume capture, and clear PVC fume enclosure maintain a fume controlled work area.
Station includes two heated process tanks. Both tanks are recirculated, and temperature controlled with 360° overflow, inlet diffusion sparger, tank leveling capability, and liquid level sensor. Temperature control is maintained via facility, chilled water recirculated through cooling coils working against an in-tank Teflon heater. Constructed of PVDF, each tank measures 8”W x 8”L x 8”D. Each recirculation system is equipped with an ARO diaphragm pump monitored by a pump flow sensor, and a pump inlet filter in a standard 10” PVDF filter housing. Two Quick Dump Rinse Baths are constructed from PVDF and measure 8W” x 8L” x 10D” and feature 360° overflow, top spray headers, bottom tank fill with diffuser and nitrogen agitation. Two rotational carrier transfer devices are servomotor driven, with all moving parts within the fume zone made of or encapsulated in corrosion resistant material. Mechanical components are located within a sealed, monitored, nitrogen-purged environment. Hoist movement is programmable. The work deck is recessed with two recirculating, DI Water spray guns. A Clear PVC fume divider is provided between tanks to prevent cross contamination. Dimensions:
78W" x 48D" x 72H"
Standard Features:
White Stressed Relieved Polypropylene
Chemical/Corrosion Resistance
Heavy Duty Industrial Hardware
Custom Options:

Temperature Controlled Etch
Megasonic Cleaning
Programmed For Critical Timed Transfer And Process Agitation
Standard Tool Designs(Allen Bradley and Omron series PLC and software)
Stepper Motor Control
Graphic Operator Interface
Rotational front to rear, or side to side
Programmable Vertical Agitation
Tank perimeter
Rear deck exhaust, with rear/top/bottom connection
Light curtain for operator safety
Fire-retardant Polypropylene
FM 4910 Approved Materials
Automated Lids

1 Year Parts and Labor

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                               Dual Hoist Rotational Transfer Process Bench

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