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Drum Dispense Cabinet Description:
The Drum Dispense Cabinet is designed to transfer Bulk Chemicals from an onboard 55 gal. drum source to multiple tools via customer supplied signals. The Cabinet is constructed of 1/2" FM 4910 approved, white PVC-C, and measures 35" W x 46" D x 79" H. The Cabinet has a sloped, sump area with drain and a nitrogen purged, control enclosure with tool secured access panels. Updraft exhaust helps maintain a fume controlled enclosure. Drum is monitored for level and presence with capacitive level sensors.
A teflon, air-driven, double diaphragm pump is provided for chemical delivery. The storage drum is fed through an Entegris Dispense Head located inside the unit (mating Dip Tube is not included). A manual DI Water Washdown Valve and one DI Water Spray Gun are included. A PLC and programmable Operator Interface Terminal (OIT) allows for display of corresponding alarm conditions: CDA and N2 loss, leak indication for the cabinet, source low levels, and pressure errors.
35" W x 46" D x 79" H

Standard Features:
White Stressed Relieved Polypropylene
Chemical/Corrosion Resistance
Heavy Duty Industrial Hardware
Custom Options:

PLC controlled
Membrane-type Controls
Status Indicators
Electronic Flow Sensors
Pneumatic Actuated Pumps and Valves
Recirculated Filtered Mixing/Dispensing Tanks
Double Containment Connections
Fully Enclosed Workdeck
Rear and Lip exhaust
Nitrogen Purged Control Enclosure
D.I. Sprayer
Nitrogen Blow-off Gun
Pump Area Liquid Sensor
Lighted Work Area
All-PFA Plumbing with Flared Connections
specific Chemical Mixing and Transferring needs

1 Year Parts and Labor

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                               Drum Dispense Cabinet

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