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Chemical Dilution and Delivery System Description:
Low cost, compact automatic chemical dilution and delivery system stresses safety Chemical Dilution System LPN220 automatically dilutes to a programmable percentage of solution volume and stores the mixture in a 30-gallon supply vessel for on-demand distribution to one or more locations. Diluted mixture is continually recirculated and filtered. The compact designed unit easily fits into tight work spaces. Precision sensors and programmable controls accurately dilute in ratios up to 100 to one, with field verification of 0.1 percent accuracy.
Cabinet is made from 1/2" white polypropylene and measures 31"W x 34"D x 73.5"H. The system conforms to SEMI standard S2-93a, and is entirely constructed of corrosion resistant plastics compatible with the chemicals used. Lockout valves are provided for nitrogen and CDA, and all maintenance access is through front and rear tool secured panels. Supply tank’s analog level sensor is backed up with a redundant, unique technology high level alarm to prevent inadvertent overfilling of the supply vessel. This single purpose system is fully automatic, programmable, and optimally designed for compact size and cost efficiency. The system is factory calibrated to customer needs but can be easily reprogrammed in the field by factory trained technicians for different dilutions.
31"W x 34"D x 73.5"H

Standard Features:
White Stressed Relieved Polypropylene
Chemical/Corrosion Resistance
Heavy Duty Industrial Hardware
Custom Options:

PLC controlled
Membrane-type Controls
Status Indicators
Electronic Flow Sensors
Pneumatic Actuated Pumps and Valves
Recirculated Filtered Mixing/Dispensing Tanks
Double Containment Connections
Fully Enclosed Workdeck
Rear and Lip exhaust
Nitrogen Purged Control Enclosure
D.I. Sprayer
Nitrogen Blow-off Gun
Pump Area Liquid Sensor
Lighted Work Area
All-PFA Plumbing with Flared Connections
specific Chemical Mixing and Transferring needs

1 Year Parts and Labor

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                               Chemical Dilution and Delivery System

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